Dr KC starts 10th hunger strike,You should know about Dr. Givinda K.C. also


Kathmandu : In yet another bout of social crusade against the anomalies and aberrations prevailing in the medical education sector, Dr Govinda KC has started the 10th fast-unto-death protest from Sunday.

The senior orthopedic surgeon at the TU Teaching Hospital (TuTH) is staging his protest at the Teaching Hospital, Maharajgung, in the capital city, disagreeing with the appointment of a new Dean in the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

The 59-year old bachelor medico protested the appointment of Prof Dr Keshav Prasad Singh in the position lying vacant for nine months, stating that the appointment was not made on the basis of seniority.

Earlier on Saturday, Dr KC, issuing a press statement, had pressed for the Dean’s appointment by 2 pm on Sunday.

The Dean Search Committee had recommended Prof Dr Jagadish Prasad Agrawal, Prof Dr Jyoti Singh and Prof Dr Singh for the post.

Protesting Dr KC told the National News Agency (RSS) that he disagreed to the appointment of Dr Singh as the IoM Dean as the decision did not comply with the system of seniority. To go by the seniority, he deems Dr Agrawal qualified for the position.

On the occasion, Dr KC reiterated his demands among which include endorsement of the Medical Education Act through parliament, incorporating the amendment suggestions as well as endorsement of the Mathema Report and implementation of the past-agreements.

You should know about Dr. Givinda K.C. also

Dr. Govinda K.C is the professor of  Mahargunj Medical Campus (MMC) deputed in TUTH until his retirement. So He gets salary and allowance from campus and 50% salary from TUTH.  Why ?

He never asked TU or Nepal Government – either Campus should be merged to TUTH or TUTH should be merged to campus.

It is very ridiculous to know that he never liked to be the Head of Department or any Executive post. He always wants to work under his junior.

He never asked to improve the infrastructure of the campus as well as the quality of the teaching methodology. The present status of Campus is as it was when he studied in the same campus.

He never bothered to increase the number of Post Graduate (PG) seats (Govt. scholarship)  of MMC. No matter whether the MBBS students may go abroad or sit idle doing job with        MBBS qualification only. Everybody should there is a heavy scarcity of PG doctors in Nepal. More than 400 PG doctors are required for District Hospitals. The patients have to come to Kathmandu with chartered plane due to the non-availability of senior doctors in the district. At present MBBS students have to pay at least one crore to study PG in Private campuses.

He never sit in the separate room in OPD. He treats the patients sitting at one stool so that he can quit any time from his duty.

He never carries mobile with him so that he may not need to attend the emergency case.

He never questioned the management of TUTH to stop the corruption.

When Dr. Bhagwan Koirala became the Executive Director of TUTH on the same month TUTH went in Profit with big amount. No doctors neglected their duty and all are punctual on duty. No patients were required to be referred to another hospital. When Dr. K.C was on strike Dr. Bhagwan koirala was asked to resign and he did. From the day  of his resignation the corruption started in TUTH and the profit started to  decline till today. Dr. K.C is mom and never demanded to reject the resignation. Why? What he wants ?. What is the reason behind the forced resignation of Dr. koirala ? He is taking about the system in Nepal where as he himself is against the system of his own organization.

Why he is running away from the responsibility of his organization?

Why he is not demanding the improvement of his 40 years old campus?

Thank God till today the doctors of TUTH are doing their duty sincerely without asking by their unknown bosses to work. Tomorrow what will happen no one knows because Dr. KC has his own vested interest and other doctors are not interested or no time to improve the system of the management of MMC or TUTH