Journalism is also social responsibility: Information Minister



Kathmandu, Feb 7: Minister for Information and Communications Surendra Kumar Karki has said that journalism was also a social responsibility besides a profession.

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At an interaction organized by the College of Journalism and Mass Communication (CJMC) in the capital city Tuesday for the establishment of a mass communications university, Minister Karki stressed the need for making journalism more accountable. “Media sector is being specialized. For this, a new university is needed to produce responsible human resource and specialists,” the Minister said giving emphasis on making journalism a dignified profession.
On the occasion, Karki said that postal service should be developed as the community information centre and renewal of the radio stations should be done from the same entity.
He also said that skilled journalists were needed in each village municipality and added that the journalists should be smart enough in the issue of self-defense.
Minister Karki was of the opinion that democracy would be strong only if the media sector was transparent.
Likewise, Chief Commissioner of National Information Commission Krishna Hari Baskota said that a mass communications university should be established and it should be made systematic by bringing an umbrella law to guide all universities.
Similarly, founder of CJMC Dr Manju Mishra said that a campaign for the establishment of a new university was initiated to produce skilled human resources in journalism.
On the occasion, educationists Kedar Bhakta Mathema and Bidhyanath Koirala said that a joint effort was needed for the establishment of mass communications university.