Sanothimi campus tensed on eve of FSU poll

Bhaktapur, Feb 28: The Bhaktapur-based Sanothimi Campus remained tensed today on the eve of the Free Students Union (FSU) election after an unidentified group set the office of the campus chief ablaze last night. 

Arson carried out at the office of campus chief Ramchandra Ghimire just a day before the poll has sparked tension in the campus.
A joint panel of All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU) –Revolutionary ‘Prachanda’ faction and Nepal Students Union; and an alliance of All Nepal National Free Students Union (ANNFSU) and ANNISU-Revolutionary (Biplab) are competing for a new FSU leadership in the campus.
ANNISU ‘Prachanda’ faction’s general secretary Birendra Basnet has accused the ANNFSU-ANNISU-R Biplab alliance of attempting to foil the election due to the fear of possible defeat while later refuted the allegation and demanded a fair investigation into the incident.
However, Campus Chief Ghimire said the election would be held on the scheduled date. Security personnel have been mobilised for the security of campus and to avert any untoward activities including a scuffle between two panels before and during the election. RSS