Elections for all three levels inevitable : Vice-president Pun


Falebas (Parbat), Vice-president Nanda Bahadur Pun has said that election of all three tiers should be held for the successful enforcement of the constitution, achieved through a seven-decade-long struggle.
Speaking at the 9th western regional women’s festival organised by the Community Radio station Didibahini, he said all the three elections have to be completed by the next 11 months. “Implementation of the constitution should get first priority, as it is only after the enforcement of the statute that the country can head towards economic prosperity,” he said.
The announcement of the local elections for May 14 had made all the Nepalis happy, the Vice-president said while appealing to all to conclude the election as a festival.
The week-long event comprises national level football tournament, Ratyauli contest, school-level dance competition, bhajan and panchebaja competition among others. RSS