China to equip Nepal Army for disaster management


Kathmandu, March 23,  The Chinese government has expressed commitment to assisting Nepal Army with training and equipment for the development projects and disaster management.
The visiting Chinese Defense Minister General Chang Wanquan expressed such commitment during a meeting with Minister for Defense Balkrishna Khand.
Minister Khand shared that the Chinese Defense Minister was currently on a three-day visit in Nepal. During the meeting with him, issues as assistance to Nepal Army for construction activities and training, and transfer of skills in disaster management were discussed.
The Chinese side assured that it would provide the equipments as demanded by Nepal government for strengthening Nepal Army, added Minister Khand, informing that China was for continuing support to Nepal’s development endeavor.

According to him, although discussion was held on conducing a joint military exercise between Nepal Army and the Chinese Army in course of the exchange of the military assistance for security management especially in the northern Himalayan region, glacial lake and related disaster management, the date for the joint exercise would be fixed later.