Former House Speaker presents 24 plans




Ilam : Former House Speaker and Ilam constituency-2 lawmaker, Subash Chandra Nembang, has presented 24 plans for development of his constituency at the District Development Committee (DDC) as part of the Constituency Infrastructure Development Special Programme.

The government will be doling out budget for lawmakers at the rate of Rs 30 million each as per the budget statement of fiscal year 2016/17. Nembang is presenting 24 plans under this budget.

He has allocated Rs 5 million for rural electrification in Amchowk, Fuyetappa, Lumde and Gajurmukhi Ivang areas.

The former House Speaker has allocated Rs one million for construction of roads and Rs 1.5 million for repairing some of the roads. He has allocated Rs 1.1 million for construction of Mangalbare Multiple Campus and Rs one million for under construction Kirant Hangsam Manghim (temple) at Ruptaar of Eaktappa – 9.