UK fishing industry ‘will need EU market access’ post Brexit


Britain : The UK fishing industry will need continued access to EU markets if it is to thrive after Brexit, a House of Lords report has warned.

It also warns that Britain may have to allow EU-registered boats to fish in UK waters as part of an overall deal.

Fishing regions around the UK voted heavily in favour of leaving the EU during the referendum campaign.

The Lords review says these communities are at risk of being marginalised in the wider Brexit negotiations.

The EU’s Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), with its quotas and principle of equal access to commercial fishing grounds for boats from all member states, has often been characterised by the industry as a disaster for Britain.

This dislike helped mobilise many in the industry to campaign for a leave vote in the referendum last June.

Many in the fishing community argue that Brexit now offers the industry the chance to regain control over UK waters and become a leading fish-exporting nation, like Norway.

However, the House of Lords European Union Committee has released a report that looks at the risks and opportunities for the UK industry.