Bisket Jatra festival begins in Tokha



Kathmandu, Bisket Jatra festival has begun in historical and ancient Tokha of Kathmandu for this year.

The festival began after erecting a wooden pole at a chowk near the local Ganesh Temple. The Bisket Jatra is celebrated here to welcome the New Year.

A procession of Bhairav is taken out during the festival, celebrated till Baishakh 6. Similarly, Panchabali or five sacrifices is made at the local shrine while a fair takes place at Sapan Thirtha pond for a holy bath.

A local Maniraj Dangol said that the festival is celebrated with the belief of keeping the locals safe from different demons. However, unlike the Bisket Jatra celebrated in Bhaktapur, there is no tradition of tongue piercing in Bisket Jatra of Tokha. RSS