Trump bid to reinstate travel ban fails


America : The US federal appeals court has rejected the Trump administration’s request to reinstate a travel ban blocked by a federal judge on Friday.

The late night ruling means the travel ban will remain suspended until the full case has been heard.

The court gave the White House and the states challenging it a deadline of Monday to present more arguments.

State lawyers had said the travel ban, affecting people from seven countries, was unconstitutional.

The Justice Department had argued states did not have the authority to challenge Mr Trump’s executive order, nor the right to question his judgment on national security risk.

In its argument it said the president had “unreviewable authority” to prevent any group of foreigners from entering the country and said Friday’s decision by Judge James Robart in Seattle was too general, the New York Times reported.

It also conflicted with a ruling by another federal judge in Boston, who had upheld Mr Trump’s executive order, the department said.