100 pairs of gays and lesbians from Morang waiting to get married legally


Morang,  More than 100 pairs of gays and lesbians from Morang are deprived of their right to marriage in the absence of the law legalising their marriage, said Blue Diamond Society.
More than 100 couples of gays and lesbians from Morang are waiting to tie the knot legally, informed Madhav Dulal, Morang branch information officer of the Society at a press conference organised today by the Society and the Paribartansil Samaj.
He said they want to get married publically. “Although the Supreme Court has allowed marriageable-age gays and lesbians to live together, marriage between them is yet to be accepted legally,” he said.
Likewise on the occasion, Chairman of Samaj Biratnagar branch Muskan Shrestha said marked progress could not be made in terms of empowering gays and lesbians in the district through various income-generating programme and training for want of adequate budget.
There are approximately 11,000 gays, lesbians and third genders in the district, according to available data. RSS