Local level election act biased: Small parties



Kathmandu, March 23, Various 23 small political parties have protested the passage of a bill relating to local level election by the Legislature-Parliament, arguing that it has banned the political parties registered in the Election Commission.
Organizing a press conference here Thursday, the 23 fringe parties claimed that the Act has banned the symbol to the political parties which are formed and registered at Election Commission as per Article 260 and 271 of the Constitution of Nepal.
Section 26 (‘f’ and ‘g’) of the Act has banned some parties from receiving the election symbol, they blamed, adding that it was against the norms of democratic system and values. All political parties must be provided the election symbols.
At the press meet, law, justice and human rights coordinator of the Naya Shakti Party Nepal, Mukti Pradhan, urged the Election Commission to be serious to this regard, because the recent development would foil the atmosphere for local election. They would continue their struggles for the political and legal justice, he underscored.
Leader of Nepal Federal Socialist Party, Rijwan Ansari, said the passage of the bill relating to local level election was an undeclared ban on political parties.
Similarly, Chairman of Lok Dal, Kaushal Kumar Singh, said the approved bill has fomented the politics of negation. Such biased provision must be scrapped, he added.
Joining the protest were- Aam Admi Party Nepal, Kirat Khambuwan Party Nepal, Nepal Communist Party, Nepal Samabesi Party, Sanghiya Limbuwan Party, Bahujan Samajbadi Party, Liberal Democratic Party and others. RSS