NC should safeguard nation: General Secretary Dr Koirala




Pokhara : Nepali Congress (NC) General Secretary Dr Shashank Koirala has asserted that time has come for his Party to shoulder up responsibility to fend off national crisis.
Inaugurating a talk programme organized by Democratic Thought Society, Kaski Chapter in Pokhara on Saturday, General Secretary Dr Koirala spoke of need for the major political parties to take the disgruntled Madhesh-centric political parties into confidence through the constitution amendment process.
Pressing for timely completion of the three-tier elections, Koirala mentioned that the need of the hour was to work towards implementation of the new national statute.
Urging for the unity among party’s leaders and cadres, he forewarned that the factional politics should not be continued within the Party otherwise it may take toll on NC in all elections.
On the occasion, NC General Secretary Koirala unveiled the fifth edition of ‘Bichar Prabaha’ published by the Society.
Echoing with leader Koirala, Central Chair of the Society Dr Kedar Narshing KC mentioned that it was NC’s responsibility to head the country by bringing on board the dissenting Madhesh-centric political parties.
Similarly, National News Agency (RSS) Chairperson and Central Vice-President of the Society Kul Chandra Wagle pointed out the need for the NC to rise above the factional politics to face the challenges surrounding the implementation of new constitution.
Lawmakers Sharada Poudel and Binda Rana were of the opinion that the NC should acknowledge the enforcement of new constitution both as a challenge and opportunity.
Likewise, Deputy Executive Editor at the Gorkhapatra Daily Gokarna Aryal said that the Society would act as a watch dog for the institutionalization of democratic system in the country.